Green Bean Casserole

Last night, I had the pleasure of entertaining two beautiful little girls in our kitchen. Steve, Kyle’s friend from work, brought his daughters over to help me make a green bean casserole. Shania and Ariana happen to love green bean casserole just as much as I do.

As soon as the girls came over, I had them help me trim and clean the green beans. They were thrilled to see the whole process. They were excited to stir, add the ingredients, but were most thrilled to eat the final product.

I have promised this recipe to a few people and I am happy to finally post it with some quality photos. The only part of this recipe that is not homemade is the French fried onions that top the casserole. Though I know how to do the onions, it would have added a lot of extra time onto the prep work.


Green Bean Casserole Recipe

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GB Casserole


The little ladies definitely enjoyed the casserole; they both asked for seconds. My apologies to their father, Steve, I am sure they will expect him to make it this way more often. The good news is, they both enjoyed helping and had a great time learning. Chances are, they will not let Steve do it alone.



Mustard-less Potato Salad

I have tried so many kinds of potato salad in my life and I didn’t like many of them. I simply find it painful to enjoy a potato salad that is overwhelmed by mustard. You will never see me buy potato salad from the store either, especially when it’s really yellow. I just can’t help but think it’s going to taste like straight mustard, yuck! Store bought potato salads just aren’t made this way.

Growing up, my family made potato salad with mayonnaise, pickles, boiled eggs and maybe just a couple of teaspoons of mustard. Once my palette became a little more refined, I decided to try mine without the mustard and pickles. To make it a little fancier, I like to use shallots and olives.

Try this out for your next BBQ and just wait and see, it’ll be a hit! Some people have found it interesting that I don’t use mustard. Don’t get me wrong, I like mustard, but my potato salad can live without it. I have been asked for this recipe a few times, so I decided it was time to post it for the virtual world to try out.

Happy cooking, Friends!

Picture 1



Asian Green Beans

These green beans are pretty awesome, if I can say so myself. My apologies to the ladies that have been asking for this recipe. I am so glad that I finally got around to posting it.

Not only are these green beans tasty, but they are super simple to make. I would say that the most laborious part of making these are cutting and cleaning the fresh green beans. This is definitely a recipe that you will enjoy, crave, and do more than once. [Just ask Emily. ;)]

I hope the fried garlic is not hard for you to find. I usually get mine at the Asian market. Also, if you don’t have a wok, just use a non-stick pan that has a lid. Consider getting a wok, you will love it! Happy cooking!

Asian Green Beans





Baked Macaroni & Cheese

This is a recipe that will definitely aim to please. I typically only do this baked macaroni and cheese for special occasions. There is a lot of work involved in creating this decadent dish, but well worth all of the love and effort. This recipe requires some Dutch Oven Lovin’. If you don’t have a Dutch oven, this can be done in a 13 x 9 inch glass baking pan and it can be covered with foil while it bakes.

1 Mac

Mac & Cheese Recipe


This is what the pasta should look like after it has been tossed in butter.


This is what it should look like after you have incorporated the creamy cheese sauce,  pre-garnish. 


This is another completed version without the parsley. Note: The lack of color doesn’t make it pop as much, though it was still very tasty!

Other ideas for this recipe:

1. I have added sliced/cooked venison sausage to this before and served it as a full meal.

2. To make it vegetarian, take out the bacon and use just a little more butter.

3. Play with the cheese, you don’t have to use the ones listed. Just make sure to utilize cheeses that melt well. Mozzarella, cheddar and gruyere are nice alternatives.


Liz’s Righteous Cabbage

Liz’s Righteous Cabbage: The Mind Changer

Years ago (when I was a teen) my mother did some part-time work at a convent. She helped all of the nuns with cleaning, organizing and cooking. One day, Mom came home with a head of cabbage and told me that we were going to do it the way the nuns did it. She was so excited to show me how to do it and claimed that it was just so delicious. She gave me the directions and we served it as a side for dinner. It was a huge hit among all of the family members and became something that we did more often.

To this day, I have changed many minds about their feelings toward cabbage with this simple recipe. I get it; cabbage is just one of those things. Up until we discovered this recipe, cabbage was just another ingredient in caldo  and was definitely underutilized in our household.

As most of you know, I am not one to give out really top secret family recipes (i.e. tamales – Grandma would kill me), but I figured – this is a recipe that came from nuns and nuns are very sharing (or should be). I can’t argue that it is actually something that my family came up with; therefore, it is fair game.

Without a doubt in my mind, this is one of my easiest, healthiest, and tastiest recipes; just ask my friends. Other than all of the chopping involved, it requires very little effort. The original recipe (from the nuns) called for butter, but once I discovered that this recipe is just as tasty with olive oil, it became protocol to save the butter for other decadent little things.

I have finally decided to put this recipe up on its own, because so many of my friends continue to ask for it. Now I can refer them to the site. This recipe calls for some Dutch Oven Lovin’. If you don’t have a Dutch oven, just use a pot with a secure lid.

Cabbage Post-Its Recipe
IMG_0720This is what it looks like before it cooks down all the way.


This is how it should look when it’s done. I don’t think I added tomatoes to this batch.

Sometimes, I like to do this cabbage with bell peppers, jalapenos, hatch chiles or poblanos; if you would like to do this too, just add the peppers in when you start the onions.