Strawberry Basil Lemonade

I realize that this is probably a beverage that I should have posted in the summer, so my apologies for just getting around to it. The good news is, I live in Texas, where it is almost always hot enough to make this refreshing beverage.

To spice things up, try this lemonade with vodka. This last time I made it, my friend Natalie mixed it with a little bit of white wine and it tasted very similar to Sangria. Both great ideas, if you feel that this beverage is a little too virgin for you.


SBL Recipe


Model Citizen-don’t leave home without it. Another way to devirginize your lemonade.


The Cocktails & Mocktails Recipe Challenge

Last month, I entered myself into a Cocktails and Mocktails Mixology Contest, hosted by Marx Foods. These wonderful people sent me an amazing sample package of fennel pollensaffronlong pepperdill pollenjuniper berries and dried pineapple.

The idea: to do two different recipes for one cocktail and one mocktail (non-alcoholic drink). The only catch was that each drink had to utilize at least one of the sample ingredients. I wanted to use the sample ingredients to the best of my ability. After a lot of brainstorming, both recipes would be totally different and use two different ingredients per drink.

I hope you enjoy the ideas that I had for both of these drinks. Don’t forget to vote on the Marx Foods Website. The voting polls will be open from Tuesday, 9/11 to Thursday, 9/13. Happy drinking, mixologists!


I found this cocktail to be very similar to a strawberry daiquiri, so if you are a daiquiri fan, you will enjoy this drink.


For this Mocktail recipe, you can find the avocado pudding recipe here.