Tortilla de España (Spanish Omelette)

Anyone that knows me pretty well can tell you that I love breakfast. It’s my favorite meal to make, especially on the weekends. A little over a week ago, I had a close friend, Michelle, come over for brunch. I decided that I would make us a Tortilla de España, or as we would call it, a Spanish Omelette.

Michelle and I were introduced to this dish while in Spain for our study abroad back in the summer of 2006. Once I learned the technique from reading a Spanish recipe book, I was sold on making many forms of it.

Traditionally, this is a dish made with onion, potatoes, and eggs. The technique is very similar to a frittata, but the Spanish Omelette is finished in the pan, where as the frittata is usually finished off in the oven.

When I first heard “tortilla” in Spain, as a Texan, I immediately thought of a flour or corn tortilla. I quickly learned that the tortilla was pretty much the signature dish of the country and was nothing like tortillas in Texas. It was one of the many culture differences that intrigued me. We often ate a pie-like slice of Tortilla de España at least once a day as part of the meal. In all honesty, I don’t think we got tired of it either.

When we left Spain, I told Michelle that I would learn how to do it, and I did. Now, I like to play with it and often times put my own spin on it. This version is very similar to the traditional recipe, but I like to add roasted garlic to my potatoes. Also, I like to garnish it with cheese, tomatoes and avocados.

If you have ever made a frittata, I invite you to get ballsy and make a Spanish Omelette. The risk of not flipping your omelette over onto a plate correctly can result in a pretty good mess and having to start all over again. I was scared the first time I did it, but once you do it a couple of times, the fear will go away.


Spanish Omelette Recipe