Foodie Bucket List

Hello, blog, I have missed you. I have been busy working, being pregnant, and battling sugar levels. Staying healthy is more important now than ever. The little one is healthy though and we are looking forward to the new addition by August.

I had an awful first trimester, but the good news is that I am starting to feel so much better. I am back to cooking more often and it feels great! I am hoping to have some energy to write and post some recipes in the near future.

I need to just drop this right here, so I don’t forget about it. This article is called, “21 Things All Foodies Need to Eat Before They Die”.

Since my dude and I are big on traveling, I can see myself making this list happen (or at least the majority of it). I have already had beignets in New Orleans, authentic tapas in Spain (not San Sebastian), bad ass pizza in New York City, and (of course!) hill country BBQ.

We were in Paris, France in early January and, unfortunately, I was not able to drink any wine at all. Being pregnant will do that to you, also, there is a funny thing about cheese — so I ate the kind that I could. We’ll make it back there one day, and I will be sure to not be pregnant. One of our next big trips will be to Japan, and I am so freaking excited to go there.

Cheers to many more culinary adventures in the future!