Shrimp Stir-Fried Rice

This is a recipe that several people have been asking for lately. I did a similar version of this rice for the ladies of the bachelorette party last month. At the party, I didn’t use shrimp, but the rest of the ingredients and recipe are pretty much the same.

 The week following the party, I had left over ingredients and decided to buy some shrimp to make this a full meal. Honestly, I could eat this kind of rice every day.

The beauty in stir-fried rice is that you can change the ingredients and make so many different variations of it. Don’t like shrimp? Try chicken. Don’t like green onions? Use yellow ones. The possibilities are endless.   


Fried Rice




Almond & Banana Pudding Cake

As promised from the NYC Food Porn post, I made my very own version of a Banana Pudding Cake. When I started to think about how I wanted to do it, I knew that I would use a banana nut cake. Banana nut bread is one of my favorites, but too dense to be a cake. I decided to make some modifications and came up with something delicious.

My big brother, Lawrence, had his birthday on April 12th. Lawrence’s favorite dessert happens to be banana pudding. In fact, right after I ate a piece of the Banana Pudding Cake in Harlem, NY, I texted him and told him how amazing it was. I just so happened to be going to Victoria on the 13th (this past Saturday). So, my excuse to make the cake was well planned out. I made the cakes and icing, put them on ice and traveled to my hometown ready to build it.

When I asked Lawrence if he preferred walnuts or pecans, he responded, “almonds.”  When I thought about how the almonds would crunch inside of the cake, it didn’t go well in my head. I guess because almonds can go stale, it’s not the same as baking in pecans or walnuts. Therefore, I decided to use almond meal in place of some flour and almonds for garnish instead of crushed up vanilla wafers. Thus, I present the Almond & Banana Pudding Cake by Dutch Lovin’.


Cake[Click on the recipe to enlarge it.]

icing and garnish


 Kyle and I made this much smaller version on Friday night and shared it with my little brother and friend. I still have some, come and get it!