Liz’s Righteous Cabbage

Liz’s Righteous Cabbage: The Mind Changer

Years ago (when I was a teen) my mother did some part-time work at a convent. She helped all of the nuns with cleaning, organizing and cooking. One day, Mom came home with a head of cabbage and told me that we were going to do it the way the nuns did it. She was so excited to show me how to do it and claimed that it was just so delicious. She gave me the directions and we served it as a side for dinner. It was a huge hit among all of the family members and became something that we did more often.

To this day, I have changed many minds about their feelings toward cabbage with this simple recipe. I get it; cabbage is just one of those things. Up until we discovered this recipe, cabbage was just another ingredient in caldo  and was definitely underutilized in our household.

As most of you know, I am not one to give out really top secret family recipes (i.e. tamales – Grandma would kill me), but I figured – this is a recipe that came from nuns and nuns are very sharing (or should be). I can’t argue that it is actually something that my family came up with; therefore, it is fair game.

Without a doubt in my mind, this is one of my easiest, healthiest, and tastiest recipes; just ask my friends. Other than all of the chopping involved, it requires very little effort. The original recipe (from the nuns) called for butter, but once I discovered that this recipe is just as tasty with olive oil, it became protocol to save the butter for other decadent little things.

I have finally decided to put this recipe up on its own, because so many of my friends continue to ask for it. Now I can refer them to the site. This recipe calls for some Dutch Oven Lovin’. If you don’t have a Dutch oven, just use a pot with a secure lid.

Cabbage Post-Its Recipe
IMG_0720This is what it looks like before it cooks down all the way.


This is how it should look when it’s done. I don’t think I added tomatoes to this batch.

Sometimes, I like to do this cabbage with bell peppers, jalapenos, hatch chiles or poblanos; if you would like to do this too, just add the peppers in when you start the onions.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Veronica Farias
    Mar 19, 2013 @ 10:23:02

    You are absolutely fantastic!!! You always put a smile in my face .
    I can give you a receipt for a purple cabbage salad. I think you already tried it but not sure, let me know if you want it.


  2. Travis
    Apr 29, 2013 @ 16:28:55

    I love this recipe!!


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