The Cocktails & Mocktails Recipe Challenge

Last month, I entered myself into a Cocktails and Mocktails Mixology Contest, hosted by Marx Foods. These wonderful people sent me an amazing sample package of fennel pollensaffronlong pepperdill pollenjuniper berries and dried pineapple.

The idea: to do two different recipes for one cocktail and one mocktail (non-alcoholic drink). The only catch was that each drink had to utilize at least one of the sample ingredients. I wanted to use the sample ingredients to the best of my ability. After a lot of brainstorming, both recipes would be totally different and use two different ingredients per drink.

I hope you enjoy the ideas that I had for both of these drinks. Don’t forget to vote on the Marx Foods Website. The voting polls will be open from Tuesday, 9/11 to Thursday, 9/13. Happy drinking, mixologists!


I found this cocktail to be very similar to a strawberry daiquiri, so if you are a daiquiri fan, you will enjoy this drink.


For this Mocktail recipe, you can find the avocado pudding recipe here.


Avocado Pudding

This was my first time making avocado pudding and I was definitely impressed. Kyle said that he has had an avocado pudding before, but he said mine was better. So glad that his palette was rocked, sometimes he is the hardest to please. Regardless, this is a nice treat and kids will love it too!