Watermelon and Cucumber Gazpacho

Kyle happened to bring home this amazing seedless watermelon the other day. He found a man on the side of the road selling them off of the back of his truck. Cucumbers were on sale this week, 3 for a dollar. This was definitely something we were not going to pass up.

Today, I was out and about and it was really hot outside. I had to make a quick trip to Central Market and came up with the idea to make some refreshing Gazpacho. Since I already had the watermelon and the cucumber, making this decision was obvious. So, I picked up the rest of my ingredients: a serrano chile, some fresh dill, cilantro, and feta cheese.

This recipe is super simple to make. All you need to make this Gazpacho is a blender. Also, this is a very light meal; I suggest serving it as an appetizer or snack. If you are serving it immediately, it would be best to have the watermelon and cucumber already cold.

Since this is a dish that doesn’t require any heating or cooking, it is best served in a cold dish. Set your bowls in the freezer ahead of time. Rinse the bowls before putting them into the freezer to make them extra icy (just like beer mugs or pint glasses at a bar).

If you don’t want to serve it right away you can let it chill in the refrigerator. Enjoy!


No Starter Sourdough Bread

This is the Sourdough bread that we made for my birthday party about a month ago. It’s simple to make, but requires a lot of inactive prep time. This dough will sit at room temperature for 19 hours, this is how it becomes a “sourdough”. I would like to eventually have a sourdough starter that I keep up with, but until that happens, this recipes works just fine.

Please click on the image to enlarge the recipe.

Happy baking!

Vegan Spanish Chorizo

We used this Vegan Spanish Chorizo in the Paella we made for my birthday this past week. Now that I have attempted [and succeeded] in making a Vegan sausage, I plan to play with more flavors and ideas revolving around this concept. I have had several people ask about this recipe, so here it is. I hope you like it just as much as we did at the party!

You can unwrap and enjoy them immediately or refrigerate until ready to use. I prefer to slice the sausage and sauté for a couple of minutes before consuming.